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Zulum Presents Vehicles To Experts In Maiduguri For Converting It To Electrical

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Borno State government has presented six vehicles to electric powered car to Phoenix renewal Ltd . for conversion.

Making the presentation on behalf of the state government the chief of staff Prof Isa marte Hussain said Borno State government decided to promote the private sector to reduce over dependant on government and create employment opportunity to the timid youth.

He said if the vehicles presented converted it will run up to one hundred and fifty miles without interruption and will be use to convey passengers within the metropolis.

Recieving the keys on behalf of his company the factory Manager renewal Ltd Adam muhammad said the company will ensure that the vehicles presented have been converted into electric powered car within the stipulated time.

He commended Borno State government for supporting the company with view to ease things.

Speaking shortly after the presentation prof Isa marte Hussain said if the vehicles are converted into electric powered car it will be environmental friendly and will reduce cost of running. Adding that the converted vehicle will reduce over depending on government thereby providing job opportunity to the people in the state.

The Phoenix renewal Ltd has recorded successes in converting multiple mini buses, tricycles into solar powered vehicles that are currently in used to convey passengers on high ways of Yarwa town.

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