World Radiography Day: Celebration Held At University Of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital

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World radiography day is celebrated on 8 November each year which marks the discovery of X-Ray in 1895 by Wilhelm roentgen.

This 2020 celebration was held at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital in Borno State with the theme: Elevating patient care with artificial intelligence.

Chairman Radiographer’s association of Nigeria Alhaji Modu Ali explains 8 November as very important day for radiographers around the world.

Also speaking Guest lecturer2 DrNwobi Ivor chigozie, sub-Dean faculty of Allied health science university of Maiduguri urge radiographers to embrace technology to their full advantage.

AhmaduAdamu the chief radiographer university of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital explained that the Radiography day is a day to all and the introduction of X-ray machine make them achieve a lot of development which includes MRI, city scan and the machine that produce the report at once.

He calls on all radiographers to work excellently and show a good difference wherever they are.

He also called on public to consult the first line contact (Doctors) before reaching to them.

The Chairman of the occasion and elder statesman Bulama Mali Gubio described radiography as an expansion to human health and there is the need to celebrate the field.

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