VATLAD: Femi Adesina Seeks Collaboration in Promoting Leadership and Good Governance

Ibrahim Garba Iceman, Maiduguri

Senior Special Assistant to President Buhari on Media and Publicity Femi Adesina has advocated for the promotion of peace and consensus building towards making Nigeria habitable for all.

He made this known to newsmen during a Workshop organized by Vanguard for Transparent Leadership and Development held at the auditorium of Nigerian Union of Journalists FCT Centre Abuja.

He affirmed President Buhari’s commitment towards promoting good governance, equity and transparency at all levels which is the core mandate of his administration

Earlier the convener of the workshop Mr Emmanuel Igbini identified unfavourable policies, indecent reports by some media organizations and growing tensions as lapses impeding good governance

He mentioned citizen engagement through proper information disemmination as tools that will enhance unity in a diverse nation like Nigeria

A guest speaker at the occassion member Honourable Kingsley Chinda, a member of house representatives and PDP leader, challenged public servants and politicians on equity and accountability saying there is no substitute for good governance

He advocated for speedy implementation of the recently ammended Electoral Act noting that it has all it takes to give the voting public a choice to determine who lead them and as well the capacity to check excesses of elected officials .

The Vanguard for Transparent Leadership and Development VATLAD has been involed in advocacy for a preriod of more than thirty years in national debate and public policy dialogue.

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