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UNFPA Supports 32 Survivors Of VVF In Borno

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The UN Population Fund has supported 32 Vesico Vaginal Fistula survivors in Borno. Dr Zainab Aliyu, the Chief Nursing Officer in charge of the VVF Ward in Maiduguri Specialist Hospital, made this known on Tuesday in Maiduguri.

Aliyu told the News Agency of Nigeria that so far, all the women that underwent the surgical operation are responding to treatment.

Vesico Vaginal Fistula is an abnormal opening between the bladder and the vagina that results in continuous and unremitting urinary incontinence.

The entity is one among the most distressing complications of gynecologic and obstetric procedures.

The common causes of VVF are obstructed labour, early marriage, poverty, and womens limited control over the use of family resources.

The condition can cause a lot of discomfort, and if left untreated, it may cause serious bacterial infection, which may result in sepsis, a dangerous condition that can lead to low blood pressure, organ damage or even death.

However, VVF can be treated through advanced laparoscopic surgery to give women living with the condition a new lease of life which will enable them to live normal lives.

The chief nursing officer said that the surgery was funded by the Korean International Cooperation Agency, supported by UNFPA, in collaboration with the Borno Ministry of Health.

She added that the 32 VVF survivors were surgically repaired and 12 received treatment and management, noting that as at March 22, 2021, a total of 44 women were attended to in the two weeks operation.

Aliyu noted that some of the survivors came from neighbouring states of Adamawa and Yobe, while some came from Lagos and Niger Republic.

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