UK To Begin Trial Of Coronavirus Vaccine This Week – Matt Hancock

corona vaccine
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The UK Health Secretary,Matt Hancock, says trials for a coronavirus vaccine on people will begin on Thursday noting that the government-funded research at the University of Oxford had been accelerated due to the global pandemic.

Speaking at the Downing Street press conference on Tuesday, Hancock announced that while the trials begin today, it has previously been reported that a vaccine will not be available before September.

Hancock said the process for finding a vaccine would take trial and error but told UK scientists leading the search he will give them every resource they need in order to succeed stressing that in the long run, the best way to defeat coronavirus is through a vaccine.

He said UK had put more money than any other country into the global search for a vaccine and the two main research centres are at Imperial College London and the University of Oxford.

The project at Imperial College London will get £22.5 million to support its phase two clinical trials and Oxford University will be granted £20 million to fund its clinical trials.

This came as the number of people who have died in hospitals across the UK after contracting coronavirus rose by 823 in 24 hours, bringing the working total to 17,337.

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