Troops Uncovers Wreckage Of Crashed Alpha Jet Aircraft In Sambisa

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9Troops of Operation Desert Sanity on clearance patrol in Sambisa Forest, Borno State, have uncovered the wreckage of crashed Alpha Jet aircraft NAF475 that went off the radar with 2 crew members on 31 March 2021.

The Nigerian Air Force on its Twitter handle confirmed the recent development, adding that further exploitation ongoing.

Dandal Kura Radio International recall that a Nigerian Air Force Alpha-Jet lost contact with radar in Borno State, while on interdiction mission in support of ground troops in March 2021.

The mission was part of the ongoing counter-insurgency operations in the North East.

On April 2021, Boko haram claimed to have shot down the missing NIgerian air force alpha jet, a story many believed was filled with inconsistencies that established it was doctored.

The whereabout of the pilots is however still unknown or missing in action (MIA)

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