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Traders Increases Food Items Prices Within Maiduguri Markets

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By:Alkali Mohammed, Maiduguri

Muslims in Maiduguri metropolis have been preparing for the month of Ramadan which will commence in eight days.

It might be a challenging period as prices of food items has rapidly increased within the markets across the metropolis despite the clarion calls from the Islamic clerics in the state to maintain prices of food stuff affordable for people in the blessed month of Ramadan.

Our reporter Alkali Mohammed went round the markets within the city.

Alkali reported that the prices of cereals and grains, fruits, sugar, tomatoes, pepper and other condiments recorded yet another significant spike across markets in the state.

Despite the persistent increase in the prices of food stuff, traders have kept increasing their inventory of items, as they anticipate high demand from the residents in the month of Ramadan.

Bakura Usman a resident of 1000 Housing estate told Dandal Kura Radio International that it is a trend that prices of foodstuffs normally increase in celebratory season due to high demand.

Usman further stated that he finds it difficult to provide and satisfy the needs of his family as a result of high cost of living.

According to Mallam Uzairu a major cereals dealer said the spike in the prices is attributed to the difficulty they have been facing in obtaining the food items from the farmers.

Also stressing that transportation and insurgents deserting farms are the major problems.

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