Thousands Of African Migrants Died While Trying To Cross Europe

Thousands of migrants have died after suffering extreme abuse while crossing Africa according to a UN report on Wednesday that estimated 72 people perish each month on the continents routes.

There has been considerable focus on the thousands lost at sea while trying to cross from Africa to Europe but a new report found that routes from West and East Africa up towards the Mediterranean can be equally perilous.

The report published jointly by the UN refugee agency and the Danish Refugee Councils Mixed Migration Centre which details horrific realities many face along the way.

Most migrants making such journeys experience or witness unspeakable brutality and inhumanity by smugglers, traffickers, militias and sometimes state actors.

In 2018 and 2019 alone at least 1,750 people died corresponding to an average of 72 a month or more than two deaths each day.

The report said nearly a third of those who die along these overland routes tried to cross the Sahara desert, others perish in the south of war-ravaged Libya while another deadly route crosses conflict-ridden the Central African Republic and Mali.

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