Theater Commander Charges Troops In Molai To Stay Alert

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Troops have been charged to increase security around Molai Forward Operation Base of Operation Hadin Kai, a counterinsurgency operation in the North East region of Nigeria.

Major General Christopher Musa Gwabin, theatre commander of the operation made the call at the base.

His visit was few days after the base was attacked by gunmen believed to be members of the Islamic State of West African Province, ISWAP.

He charged the troops to maintain high level of alertness in their duty post.

He was accompanied by senior military officers and was received by Lt. Col. IM Bala, the commander of the base.

While assessing the level of facilities and troops deployment, he ordered the commander to rejig troops of the defensive location to avert any eventualities.

Major General COG Musa also inspected some equipment’s deployed at the FOB before departing the FOB,’ the statement added.

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