The Nigerian Army to Launch “Operation Last Hold”

The Nigerian Army is to launch “Operation Last Hold” in Borno North and Lake Chad Region to restore socio-economic activities in the areas, as well as to fast track return Of Internally Displaced Persons to their communities.

The Chief of Training and Operations, Maj.-Gen. David Ahmad announced this on Friday at a news conference.

Ahmadu said Last Hold, which would commence on May 1 and to last for four months, was intended to facilitate the clearance of the Lake Chad waterways of sea weeds and other obstacles obstructing the movement of boats and people across the water channels. .

It will also ensure the destruction of Boko Haram terrorist camps and strong points in the Lake Chad Basin.

The operation will also facilitate the rescue of hostages.

The operational end-state of Operation LAST HOLD is the total defeat of the Boko Haram Terrorist Sect. “Strategically, the conduct of Operation LAST HOLD will facilitate the restoration of fishing, farming and other economic activities in the Lake Chad Basin. “

Additionally, it will facilitate the relocation of Internally Displaced Persons from IDP camps to their communities,

Also speaking, Maj. Gen. Nuhu Angbazo, the Chief of Military/Civil Affairs said during the duration of the operation, Nigerian army Engineers would make blocks using compressor machines and assist in building new homes for IDPs at their various towns.

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