SWOFON Calls On FG To Break Barriers That Are Holding Women Farmers Back

The Small Scale Women Farmers Organisation in Nigeria (SWOFON) has called on the federal and state governments to provide more grants to farmers to boost food production and end hunger.

SWOFON treasurer Fatima Abdu, a farmer in Bauchi, made the call on Friday in Bauchi.

They said Governments need to break the barriers that are holding back women farmers and preventing them from accessing critical farming inputs.

They should also ensure that women have secured land rights and also provide women with vital funding and support for farming to adapt to climate change said Ms Abdu.

The SWOFON official added, “Such support would protect women’s rights and boost productivity. It will also unleash the potential of hundreds of thousands of women farmers to effectively reduce poverty and hunger.”

Ms Abdu urged the governments to encourage women to engage in dry-season farming through mechanisation.

The SWOFON treasurer urged the government to closely monitor its various intervention programmes to ensure political farmers did not hijack them.

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