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Sultan Directs Sokoto Clerics To Hold Qur’anic Recitation, Prayers For Peace

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The peace, unity and socioe-conomic, and political development of Nigeria, and the Sultan Sa’ad Abubakar has approved the recitation of the Holy Qur’an and prayers by Islamic clerics in Sokoto.

This online platform further reports that the recitation is coordinated by Sarki Malamai of Sokoto, Yahaya Malam Boyi, and Imam of Sheikh Usman Dan Fodiyo Mosque, Sheikh Abubakar Liman.

The Sultan believes that the situation in Nigeria and around the world has gotten to the point that mankind need to retire to seeking the face of Allah in forgiveness, repentance and vow to turn a new leaf that, as leaders and the led, “we shall from now on do what is right”.

By making this resolution, the Sultan believes it is time to seek that Allah resolves all the issues of Nigeria, in particular, and make the country better before, during and after the upcoming general elections.

The leadership of Qadiriyyah sufism in Sokoto had approached the Sultan with their plan to call their followers and all Muslims to participate in the said prayer session.

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