Sudan Closes Borders With Neighboring Countries

The Sudan Ministry of Defense announced the closure of land borders with neighboring countries, including Chad.

Other neighboring countries affected by the measure include: South Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Central Africa, Ethiopia and Eritrea.

This decision is part of the emergency measures taken by the army, following the dismissal of President Hassan Omar al-Bashir.

Chad and Sudan have a mixed force with an alternative command, responsible for ensuring the security of the 1360 kilometers of territory that separate the two countries.

The force Created in 2010 to observe posts on both sides of the border in the concrete normalization of relations between Chad and Sudan.

The Sudanese border is an economic issue for many traders. Food is imported in quantity from Sudan to eastern Chad.

The Chadian authorities are trying, as best they can, to stop the fraudulent imports of sugar from Sudan to save the National Sugar Company.

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