Skin-Lightening Cream and Soap Increases Risks Contaminate Contract Corona Virus_Expert Warns.

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A medical expert, Dr. Chinonso Egemba, says users of skin-lightening creams, which contain steroids, are more likely to have severe illness or die from coronavirus disease.
Mr. Egemba, who is popularly known as Aproko DoctortoldNews Agency of Nigeria on Wednesday, that some bleaching creams and soaps contain steroids which reduce body immunity.
He described the immune system, as the body’s defence force against disease-causing bacteria and viruses such as coronavirus and other organisms that humans touch, ingest and inhale.
Mr. Egemba said some unlicensed aestheticians or skin specialists also give their clients steroids as tablet under the guise that it would help lighten their skin.
He urged Nigerians to imbibe healthy lifestyles, stop smoking, drink little or no alcohol, sleep well, eat a balanced diet, take fruits and vegetables, take regular moderate exercises and reduce stress so as to help boost their immune system.

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