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Sheikh Sheriff Ibrahim Alhussain Organises Maulud Event In Maiduguri

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As muslims around the globe celebrates the Month of the birth of the Holy prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) Sheikh Sheriff Ibrahim Alhussain has organised a Maulud event to commemorate and congratulates the entire Muslims Ummah for starting the Months of Rabi’ul auwal.

Our reporter Mustapha Malumbe gathered that the event which took place in Maiduguri at the Sheikh Sheriff Ibrahim Saleh’s Mosque, attracted hundreds of followers from different states of the federation and various institutions and Zawuiyas, as well the scholars among whom were , Sheikhs, Imams, professors and Doctors and students among others.

Sheikh Ibrahim Saleh was represented by his son Alhaji Wahhabi, who delivered his keynote address: appreciate the congregation and urged the followers to celebrate the month in good faith by observing acts of Zikr, loving each other and appreciating their differences.

According to our reporter Mustapha Muhammed Malumbe has interviewed the dignitaries that have graced the occasion.

Number of Islamic scholars have spoken to Dandal Kura Radio International include , Sheikh Tijjani Goni Umara, Sheikh Abubakar Gonimi and Sheikh Abba Al-amin Banki as well as Imam Gazali Al-maskin described the event as significant in Islam as many passed scholar had celebrated the month in good faith and had prayed for the nation’s peace and development.

Similarly, Dr. Muhammad Sheriff Ramadan of Gombe state said that there’s a great rewards behind the celebration of the Birth of the Noble prophet of Almighty Allah.

Highlight of the event were recitation of the Holy Qur’an, preaching by Imams and extending of greetings among others.

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