Sheikh Khalifa Abba Banki Calls On Muslims To Respects One Another

By:Muhammed Nur Ali, Maiduguri
The chairman of Munazzamtul Fitayanul Islam, Sheikh Kalifa Abba Alamin Banki, has said that major negative factors that affects solidarity, brotherhood, neighborhood and healthier relationship according to the Islamic thoughts and injunctions are the factors responsible for Insecurity and difficulties confronting the masses nowadays.
Sheihk Al Amin Banki stated these while interacting with Muhammed Nur Ali on a weekly shows titled N3lepa N3ji.
Sheikh Banki reiterate calls on Muslims to respect others and always consider other Muslims as their brothers and sisters. Adding that all Muslims are under one flag of Kalmatul shahada.
Banki lamented that nowadays Muslim Ummah were divided because of a slight difference of approach and understanding which lead to hatred, dishamony and misunderstanding.
The Sheikh quoted many Verses from the Holy Quran and Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that thoroughly warn Muslim umma gainst unity.

He also called on All Muslims Ummah to respect one another and other religions.

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