Russia Supply About 40 Percent Of Its Oil To Europe

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Many European countries increased imports of Russian oil in April despite sanctions on Russia, because of its continued invasion of Ukraine.

Russia in February invaded Ukraine, a war that has escalated geopolitical tensions and led to disruptions in supplies of products and services.

Russia accounts for about one-third of oil supply to Europe and about 40 percent of natural gas supplies.

According to Johns Hopkins University, citing data from Tracker Tracker, Finland increased its imports of Russian oil from 23, 131 barrels per day in March to 43, 547 bpd.

Spain, which imported zero oil in March from Russia, increased its imports to 85,276 bpd. Bulgaria increased its imports from 36599 bpd in March to 99316 bpd in April.

The data also revealed that Greece increased its imports by over 70,000 bpd. The country’s imports rose from 47,846 in March to 119,618 in April. Romania’s imports, which was 35,406 bpd in March rose to 131,538 bpd in April.

The data further showed that Estonia, which imported 47,083 bpd of Russian oil increased its imports to 174,717 bpd, while the Netherlands increased its imports to 655, 250 bpd in April, from 520,041 bpd it imported in March.

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