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Rev. Kaigama Calls On Youth Not To Be Deceived By Ethnic And Religious Differences

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Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama, the Archbishop of Abuja Catholic Archdiocese, has cautioned youths against allowing tribal and religious sentiment to divide them.

Kaigama, in an exhortation at a Prayer Programme – Holy Hour With The Youth – at Our Lady Queen of Nigeria Pro-Cathedral on Saturday in Abuja, urged the youths to stand against disunity and vices.

He said people must be wary of sentimental and divisive remarks such as ‘they are southerners with an agenda’, ‘they have a northern religious motive’ and so on.

He also said that these are the statements that pit us against one another and they stop us from an audacious and unanimous resolve to seek better life by ending corruption at both low and high levels.

He also called on youth not be deceived by ethnic and religious jingoists and urge them to have sound moral principles and a firm faith, and work for what benefits humanity rather than parochial interests.

He said that during the EndSars protests he kept praying that the voice of the Nigerian youths would be clearly heard especially as they were conducting themselves in a peaceful and courteous manner but unfortunately some forces of evil introduced killings, looting and vandalism.

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