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Residents Of Maiduguri Calls On Borno Govt To Ensure Prices Of Commodities Are Legally Controlled

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The Residents of the Maiduguri Metropolis once again appeal to the Borno state government, relevant authorities and other concern bodies to ensure that prices of commodities are legally and efficiently controlled to cushion the hardship being experienced by the people in the month of Ramadan and beyond.

The residents made the appeal this morning on Dandal kura Radio’s Islamic shows titled ‘’IBADA DA HUKUNCI’’ in Kanuri with Sheikh Calipah Abba Al-amin Banki.

The series of callers cried-out that frequent increase in the prices of commodity without tangible reason on the side of the dealers, middlemen, small and medium scale marketers affect many people within the city.

Callers also says the persistent hiking affect the living standard of the people.

Another caller identified as mal. Umar has said that religious leaders widely spoken on the unnecessary increase in the price of food stuffs which has yieided no result.
He however lamented to the government to take measure against menance of hoarding and hiking the state.

The however called on the professor Babagana Umara Zulum to set up a high powered committee to look in to high cost of food stuff.

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