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Residents Of Gubio IDP Camp Face Sanitation Challenges, Food Scarcity In Borno

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Internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Gubio camp located in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state in the Northeast of Nigeria, face sanitation challenges and lament food scarcity, despite the government’s food aid intervention last month.

When the state’s emergency management agency made its first food distribution in the camp in nearly a year, however, the quantity of food distributed, which comprised 400 bags of maize and a hundred bags of beans, was considered inadequate compared to the camp’s population of 4,419 households.

He laments that each household got a bowl of grains and a household composed of at least six persons. According to Tijjani, since then, they have not received aid support either from the state government or the NGOs.

Musa Idris, from the Kukawa local government in northern Borno, and one of the camp’s leaders, complained that apart from the prevailing hunger crisis, there are also more significant water shortage problems and poor hygiene in the camp.

He said most of the makeshift toilets had been filled up while some had blown off during a rainstorm.

Idris said the water supply at the camp had also reached a crisis level as most of the solar system-dependent boreholes had broken down.

Gubio IDP camp is situated on the outskirts of Maiduguri. It hosts IDPs from Abadam, Kukawa, Monguno, Nganzai, Maiduguri, Jere, Bama, Konduga, Marte, Ngala, Kala Balge and Gwoza local government areas

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