Report: Lack Of Steady Access To Food Is Affecting More Women Than Men – UN Women

A UN Women report noted that women and girls are more likely to reduce their food intake, face sexual exploitation to get money for food or get married off with dowries that are used to support other members of their families.

The lack of steady access to food is affecting more women than men, the United Nations reveals, stating that the Ukraine-Russian Crisis has pushed more women, who are often limited in their capacity to contribute, to face severe hunger.

A report published by UN Women titled ‘Global Gendered Impacts of the Ukraine Crisis’ stated that the crisis has impacted the production of food items, soared food prices, lessened availability and access, pushing more women than men into acute food insecurity and malnutrition, while intensifying gender inequality, and sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV).

The report also linked the rising food insecurity amongst women to their engagement in unpaid labour, including domestic work like food preparation, provision and processing, at the expense of their physical and mental wellbeing.

In March, the Nigerian Poverty Assessment conducted by the World Bank detailed how women are twice as likely to work in sectors with the lowest pay, which has greatly affected female-headed households.

The war in Ukraine highlights the urgent need to rebuild the broken global food system, the report says. Although there are more women than men in the agricultural labour force, fewer of them have rights to the land they work on compared to men.

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