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President Buhari Will Leave Legacies of Credible Elections, Massive Infrastructure and Youth Empowerment Says Gambari

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By:Rakiya Garba Karaye, Maiduguri

The Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, Prof. Ibrahim Gambari, says with Nigeria projected to be the third most populated nation in the world after India and China by 2050, the country deserves a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council.

Addressing members of the Legislative Mentorship Initiative (LMI) on a learning visit to the State House at the weekend, Gambari said Nigeria cannot be ignored in international affairs, considering its contributions to international peacekeeping and economic potential.

The Chief of Staff also declared that President Buhari will be remembered for leaving a legacy of free and fair elections as well as massive investments in infrastructure across the country.

He said the President has laid a solid foundation for youth empowerment.

On Nigeria’s quest for the expansion of the 15-member Security Council, Gambari, who has served as Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Permanent Representative to the UN in New York and first Under-Secretary-General and Special Adviser to UN Secretary-General on Africa (1999-2005), told the young people on excursion to the State House:

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