Obasanjo Is Nigeria’s Divider-in-Chief – Presidency

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The presidency said that Former President Olsegun Obasanjo is Nigeria’s divider-in Chief.

They said he attempts to divide the nation while President Muhammadu Buhari continues to promote nation building and the unity of Nigeria.

They also said that the difference is clear and from the lofty heights of Commander-in-Chief, General Obasanjo has descended to the lowly level of Divider-in-Chief.

They added that before responding further to the unfair attacks on President Buhari and his administration by the former President, it is important that we categorically state that contrary to the assertions by a few analysts, the recent speech in which President Buhari advised West African Presidents against tenure elongation beyond constitutional limits has been consistent with his long held views on the need to adhere to the rule of law.

They further said that even though he tried it and failed the recent uptick in the number of such leaders proposing to do or actually carrying on in office beyond term limits is sufficient to cause concern among democrats in the sub-region given its prospects of destabilizing the states and the region.

They added that Chief Obasanjo should in accordance with his mantra as a statesman get involved with problems solving when and where they exist instead of helping the mushrooming of a poisonous atmosphere of ethnic and religious nationalism.

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