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Norwegian Refugee Council Suspends Humanitarian Activities In Damasak Over Recent Attacks

Norwegian RC
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The Norwegian Refugee Council said that the delivery of humanitarian aid in the garrison town of Damasak, Borno State has been put on hold after humanitarian compounds and stocks were destroyed.

This was followed in a nonstop attacks on the town by members of the Islamic State West Africa Province

Dandal Kura Radio reported on Tuesday, April 13, how the terror group laid siege on the town, with at least 10 casualties reported.

The terrorists also attacked the town just days before the April 13 attack. Since April 10, there have been three attacks on Damasak, forcing an estimated 65,000 people from Damasak to flee to the neighbouring crossing the Yobe River towards Niger Republic for safety.

According to the NRC, aid organisations operating in Borno State have been left with no option but to suspend all operations after the attacks on their compounds, including that of the Action Against Hunger.

Currently, around 8.7 million persons in the Northeast are in urgent need for humanitarian aid, due to the violence ravaging the region over the past decade.

The NRC and Action Against Hunger have both called on the Nigerian government and other international donors to ensure safe passage for humanitarians in reaching those requiring aid.

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