Northern Broadcast Stations Seeks Urgent Intervention From Federal Government

Faruk Dalhatu
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By Alhaji Ahmed Tijjani Ramalan

Northern Broadcast Stations are seeking urgent intervention from the Federal Government to support them to continue being on air as diesel price hits between N720 and N730 per litre.

Alhaji Ahmed Tijjani Ramalan the Executive Chairman of Liberty TV and Liberty Radio 103.3 FM Abuja and Chairman Board of Trustee Northern Broadcast Media Owners Association made the appeal in Abuja.

Ramalan said it is difficult to continue broadcasting at this time, diesel has gone up to N720-N750 per litre.

Adding that he don’t know how they are going to cope because 100% per cent of TV and Radio Stations are running on diesel and there is no light.

He said that said thing are getting difficult and if nothing is done to bring back stable Public Power and reduction of Diesel price, they may have no option than to cut down their Programs and reduction of Staff as they cannot permanently be running operations on this high cost of diesel, without electricity.

On his part the managing director of Dandal Kura Radio International Alhaji Faruq Dalhatu commented on the development.

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