Non-State Actors Should Also Be Involved In Dialogue And Reconciliation Processes With Insurgents – Isa Garba

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By: Hamisu Ado Nguru, Damaturu

A non-governmental organization Centre For Information Technology and Development said that the survey respondents believe involving stakeholders that include community leaders, government, military, elders, youth women leaders can help in promoting dialogue and reconciliation in the war ravaging zone.

According to the Senior Programme Officer of the organization, a wide consensus in their findings indicates traditional and religious bodies play a central role in dialogue because of their historical roles in conflict resolution as more trustworthy and acceptable stakeholders.

Isa Garba said the findings also reveals youth and other non-state actors such as the Civilian Joint Task Force should be involved in the dialogue and reconciliation processes with the insurgents.

Dandal Kura Radio correspondent in Damaturu Hamisu Ado Nguru said total of 244,000 refugees were documented as a result of the uprising.

During the meeting, Garba opined that there is no doubt that the military has succeeded in containing and rolling back the insurgents flushed out of many of those places.

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