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No Hike in Fees, Protesting Elements Are Miscreants – UNIMAID VC

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Vice Chancellor University of Maiduguri, Professor Aliyu Shugaba, has said that he is not aware of any increase of school fees in the institution as alleged by rampaging students.

Professor Shugaba made the assertion while speaking exclusively with journalist on phone in reaction to protest by a group of female students who carried placards remonstrating the alleged increase of school fees in the main campus.

The VC alleged that those who were involved in the protests were mostly miscreants who are living around the school but are not bonafide students of the University and were going to face the long hand of the law as soon as possible.

They are claiming that we are increasing fees yet we are not supplying electricity to them.

The truth is that we all know how the city of Maiduguri had been without light since January.

Management cannot afford to give them twenty four hours light but we are trying our best within these trying times to do what we can to help them” said the VC.

Professor Shugaba also stated that the miscreants started making trouble yesterday when his team of investigators went round to fish out those who are staying illegally on the campus and are not students.

It is the tension of Monday evening that was carried out on Tuesday afternoon after they succeeded in instigating others in joining them to destabliize the peace of the University community.” Said Shugaba.

Dandal Kura Radio International learnt that it was when the placard carrying ladies went on rampage that the overzealous university security personnel in blue cornered and started beating some of them in a bid to disperse them from their protest.

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