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Nigerians Calls On Govt To Improve Food Production In The Country

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Nigerians have called on the Federal Government to improve infrastructure for food production to reduce hunger and malnutrition.

They argued that this can be done with a more enabling environment for greater food production to meet rising demand as the population increases.

Prices of food items has consistently been on the increase, while the importation of foods has been greatly checked with the government import substitution policy, just as the land borders have been closed in the last one year.

The challenges of food production become more pronounced as insecurity escalates in every part of the country, flooding ravages farms and products and as climate change-induced erratic rainfalls cause stunting of crops, poor harvests, and scarcity of food items.

Therefore, forces of demand and supply have forced up prices of food items, making such unaffordable to the resource-poor Nigerians.

The new Country Representative for Food and Agricultural Organisation of UN, Fred Kafeero, has disclosed that 600,000 people have been added to the category of those hungry over coronavirus pandemic in Northeast.

He said the FAO had been working and mobilising along with NGOs, development partners, and the government to see that people can access food with nutrition and incomes.

In a related development, Professor Gbolagade Ayoola Founder/President Farm & Infrastructure Foundation m and Chairman, Voices for Food Security in a memorandum entitled, ‘The Need to Make the Right to Food a Fundamental Human Rights in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, urged the Senate Committee on Constitution Review that without the right to food, there could be no food security in Nigeria.

He appealed to the ad hoc committee to recommend the amendment of the 1999 Constitution to Senate to guarantee the right to food as a fundamental human right in Nigeria, is a critical requirement for human, social and economic development of the country in the medium to long-term future.

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