Nigerian Woman Rescued In Lebanon After Posted For Sale On Facebook

woman for sale in lebanon
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A Nigerian woman who was put up for sale for $1,000 on Facebook in Lebanon has been rescued by the Diaspora Commission.

The woman in her early thirties from the city of Ibadan in western Nigeria was now safe and her brother in Nigeria had been contacted says the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, which operates under the foreign ministry.

This comes as Lebanese authorities on Thursday arrested Wael Jerro, the man thought to be responsible for the advertisement, which falls under human trafficking.

Jerro posted the passport of the victim on the “Buy and Sell in Lebanon” Facebook group, according to screenshots.
He wrote in Arabic that A Domestic worker from Nigeria is for sale with new legal documents, She is 30-years-old and she is very active and very clean, Price: $1,000”.

Following the arrest of the suspect, a statement from Lebanon’s General Security said that such advertisements are illegal as they fall under the crime of human trafficking and the publisher is subject to prosecution before the courts.

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