Nigerian Military Releases More Men Imprisoned For Years Without Trial

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The Nigerian military has released a new group of hundreds of men arbitrarily detained over the past decade.

The group of men, at least 400 strong, is believed to include many of the husbands of the Knifar Women, a campaign group for wives trying to track down husbands who were arrested by the military.

The men, mostly detained between 2014 and 2016, were released between April 5 and 6 from facilities across the country, in Lagos, Kainji in Northcentral Nigeria, and Giwa Barracks in the Northeast.

They were transported to a camp in Gombe. From there, they were bussed to Maiduguri, and then the majority were taken to Bama.

Dandal kura radio understands they were then released, expected to make their own way to their homes.

None of the men have been put on trial or had access to a lawyer. They mostly fled their communities in places like Bama, Andara, Boboshe, and other communities in Borno state, Northeast Nigeria, when the Boko Haram insurgency first erupted.

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