Nigerian Defence Academy NDA Produces Ventilators

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The Nigerian Defence Academy NDA has designed and produced 2 types of ventilators, hand wash and sanitisers that could be quickly reproduced to stem the shortage of the equipment in the country.
The design and production of the ventilators came in a week after the Commandant of the NDA, Major General Jamil Sarham, convened a team of engineers, technologists and technicians from the Mechatronics Department under Major Dr Abubakar Surajo Imam to rapidly develop affordable ventilator within the shortest possible time, using readily available components.
Presenting their report to the Commandant, head of the team who is also Head of Department Mechatronics, Major Dr Abubakar Surajo Imam, disclosed that his team was able to, within a week, design and produce 2 unique ventilators that could be quickly deployed to use on the Covid-19 pandemic.
According to him, both ventilators, NDA Type 1 and NDA Type 2, could be reproduced cheaply and noted that currently, the Academy has the capacity of producing 30 ventilators monthly.
Speaking further, he disclosed that NDA Type 1 ventilator is a fully automated system with an interactive user-interface and 4 potentiometres for adjusting air and oxygen parameters. Similarly, the NDA Type 2 is also fully automated, operates with a 2 KVA self-sustaining onboard inverter equipped with a military-grade lithium battery.
It is worthy to note that apart from the production of the ventilators, the NDA also produced hand wash and sanitisers. This is to enhance hygiene and develop washing hand culture among the Academy community.
While responding to the various research efforts, the Commandant, Major General Jamil Sarham commended the effort of the team. He pledged to continue to support all research efforts in the Academy in order to proffer solutions to various problems affecting the country.

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