Nigerian Army Using 40 Year-Old Weapons To Fight Boko Haram – Emergency Digest

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Emergency Digest says the Nigerian Army is using 40 Year-Old Weapons To Fight Boko Haram.
The Nigerian soldiers deployed to fight Boko Haram terrorists in the North-East are using outdated weapons and equipment, including Shilka air defense systems purchased between 1979 and 1983.

It is reported that unidentified officers said the archaic and defective weapons place their soldiers at great disadvantage when they confront the terrorists, during operations.

The report also says the poor weapons are responsible for the heavy casualties the country has suffered in the anti-insurgency war in recent times, noting that old weapons failed during operations.

The top military officers explained that Shilka, an air defense system already used during the Vietnam war, are kept in active duty.

The Shilka guns are acquired under Shagari’s government, However, they are deployed in the North-East for the anti-insurgency war.

The source also explained that beyond using drones, the insurgents are now using night vision goggles, thermal detectors and other modern equipment to attack the Nigerian troops.

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