Nigeria UNSC Organises Debate On Climate And Security

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United Nations Security Council UNSC, an organisation of the United Nations responsible for maintenance of international peace and security, held a ministerial-level open debate on climate and security on Friday.

Germany, the current President of UNSC, co-sponsored the meeting with nine other Council members Belgium, The Dominican Republic, Estonia, France, Niger, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Tunisia, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

Germanys Foreign Minister Heiko Maas chaired the meeting with a senior official from the United Nations Department of Political and Peace-building Affairs.

The debate was centered on UNSC efforts to address the security implications of climate change and how to respond appropriately to climate-related security risks.

Nasreen Al-Amin, a climate justice advocate in Nigeria and founder of Surge Africa, said it was essential that the UNSC addressed climate security threats as a key issue in their agenda to give hope for potential action to be taken.

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