Nigeria: There Are Plots to Frustrate IDPs Reintegration – CSOs

A coalition of civil society organisations with focus on human rights and conflict resolution in Nigeria said there are plots to frustrate the return and reintegration of Internally Displaced Persons.

The group said some international agencies in conjunction with their local partners have been enriching themselves through securing and rendering aids to victims of the Boko Haram attacks in the north eastern part of the country and as such are devising means to continue to exploit the situation.

The National Coordinator of the coalition, Maxwell Gowon, while presenting a report after assessment of ongoing military exercise in Borno axis, called on the Federal Government and the military authorities to immediately unveil a roadmap for returning and reintegrating IDPs into their original communities.

He added that there is urgent need for stakeholders to audit the roles being played by all organizations with presence in the north-east region.

Those profiting from Boko Haram terrorism he said continue to use the camps as avenue to steal money through diversion and theft of funds and relief materials.

He stated that some staffs of United Nation’s agencies have continued to encourage the IDPs not to return home, because “this is an arrangement that favours the staffs as they continue to draw allowances when the camps remain open.

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