Nigeria: Suicide Bombers Kills 60, Injured 68 in Mubi Mosque Attack

No fewer than 60 worshippers were killed and 68 others injured as twin-bomb explosions which bore the unmistaken signature of the Boko Haram terror sect on Tuesday rocked a mosque in Mubi, Adamawa State, North-east of Nigeria while the worshippers were holding the Zuhr prayer.

According to the accounts of two local residents who attended funerals of the victims as reported by the AFP, the deaths toll is likely to rise as more bodies could be recovered from the twin bomb blast scene

One of them, Muhammad Hamidu, confirmed that he took part in the burial of 68 people. More bodies were being brought by families of the victims. ”Another resident, Abdullahi Labaran, said they left 73 freshly dug graves where each victim was buried.

Although the police spokesperson in the state, Othman Abubakar, a superintendent of police, gave an initial figure of 24 persons who died in the first blast which occurred at about 1:00 p.m; another eyewitness who claimed to be at the scene of the rescue operations said 31 bodies were counted.

A source at Mubi General Hospital told AFP they had so far received 37 bodies and dozens of the injured, many of them critically. Although neither an individual nor group has claimed responsibility for the attacks, suspicion immediately fell on Boko Haram.

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