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Nigeria Spends Over $13 Billion On Liberation Of Liberia

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The High Commissioner of Sierra Leone to Nigeria, Dr. Solomon Gembeh, has said Nigeria spent over $13 billion on the liberation of his country and Liberia, adding that Sierra Leone will never forget the big brother role played by Nigeria in the wars that had engulfed the two countries.

Gembeh, the Sierra Leonean Envoy, spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja on Sunday.

He said the role played and still being played by Nigeria had outweighed the support it received from Western nations.

He stressed that Nigeria’s help came out of goodwill, with nothing demanded in return, rather than a situation where such assistance was paid through the staking of national assets.

He said: “Nigeria spent about $13 billion in Sierra Leone and Liberia during the war years.

He also said “What the West would have done will be to ask us to pay that money in getting concessions, oil rights and all those kind of stuffs.

The High Commissioner pointed out that beyond the huge amount spent, Nigeria had continued to render assistance to his nation in the area of education, which, he noted, had experienced some decay along the way.

He said with Nigeria’s assistance and a focus by the current administration of President Julius Bio, education in his country was gradually being revamped.

Gembeh said funds from Nigeria and the AfDB were effectively being utilised in educating its populace, especially the girl child.

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