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Nigeria: Senate Wants Immunisation Of Children Sustained

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The Senate called on the government at the federal and state levels as well as relevant ministries and agencies to sustain the Immunisation of infants and children in the country.

The call was made against the backdrop of a motion considered to commemorate the declaration of Nigeria as a polio virus free nation by the World Health Organization.

The upper chamber while congratulating the federal government for the feat urged the Federal Ministry of Health to adopt guidelines and other measures to prevent the transmission of polio into Nigeria by foreign tourists or Nigerian travelers.

Sponsor of the motion Senator Chukwuka Utazi of PDP from Enugu North said that the attainment of polio virus free status by Nigeria is historic and remarkable not only to Nigeria but for the entire continent of Africa considering the contagious nature of the virus.

He said this achievement also serves as a major boost to the realization of the goal of eradicating polio globally for good.

He added that Nigeria in the recent past successfully contained and defeated the dreaded Ebola virus and also moved on to contain the spread of Lassa fever and monkey-pox.

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