Nigeria: Residents Of VIO IDP Camp In Maiduguri Calls On Government, NGO’s To Come To Their Aid


The people of VIO IDP camp in Sulemanti ward Maiduguri a host community that consist more than 50 IDPs call on the government, NGO’s and the general public to come to their aid.

Some of the IDPs are from Bula Bulin Garwa of Damboa Local government Area, Bama, and other LGA’s settled at the camp they name the camp VIO was established in 2015, the Camp is now congested and there is stagnant water especially at the camps gate, the.

Dandal kura radio international correspondent Habiba Garba visited the community during the intervention of Global environmental response initiative and gathered that the situation in the camp is worse as most of the IDPs urged for food while others urged for empowerment.

A 17 years old school girl Hafsat Ali narrated how she goes to school in the evening and go to learn tailoring in the morning because of her passion in tailoring, she pleaded for help to get sewing machine so she can design and sew cloth to support herself and family.

The IDPs urge the general public and the government to come to their aid, because they are desperately in need of food, shelter.

The Executive Director global environmental response initiative (GERI) Alh. Ngare Dogo in partnership with class of 1998 GGC said they did a survey research noting the eid- adha is fast approaching and they decided to help by donating and distributing cloths, detergents, among others.

Alhaji Muktar known as Doctor is M&E officer of Global Environmental Response Initiative, He said they got the zeal to help the IDPs and that the intervention was inspired by women of GGC class of 1998.

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