Nigeria: Residents Of Magumeri Calls On Govt To Provide Water For Them

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Apart from constantly being attacked by the insurgents the returnees and local communities in Magumeri local government area of Borno State said that they have no good drinking water.

Magumeri is about 40 kilometres from Maiduguri the Borno State capital and has experienced a series of attacks by the ISWAP and Boko Haram terrorist groups.

Speaking to Dandal Kura Radio a local from Magumeri, Fantami Umar said that they have lived with the Boko Haram crisis since its inception in 2010 following the riots in Maiduguri in 2009.

But he said the community’s major problem is not only the Boko Haram attacks but also the lack of clean water as indigenes have to travel long distances on donkeys in search of water.

He also said that going out to look for water exposes our people to attack and abduction by the terrorist groups especially our women and girls and for the men, the insurgents will kill and leave the body and streams of blood to wet the ground.

It is unfortunate and sad that people are suffering for common drinking water and lack of drinking water causes people to use water from the streams which unfortunately causes different type of diseases as people are also battling with strange ailments as a result of the water.

Another resident Mohammed Tijjani who returned to Maiduguri after the recent attack said that the situation in Magumeri is critical as the only network of communication in the town is the Glo.

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