Nigeria Ranks 8th Most Fertile Country As Global Rate Drops By 50%

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Despite a fascinating chart that highlights how the world is in the midst of a reproduction crisis as developed countries fall out of love with having children, African countries top chart of most fertile nations in the world with Nigeria ranking eight.

The study is entitled, “The New Economics of Fertility”, suggests that as fertility rates shrink in much of the world, they continue to grow in Africa.

Thirty-one of the top 32 countries with the highest fertility rates are on the continent, with Niger in the first spot with a rate of 6.9 children per woman.

All of the world’s leaders in fertility rate are in Africa. Somalia (6.4), Chad (6.4), The Democratic Republic of the Congo (6.2), Mali (6.0), the Central African Republic (6.0), Angola (5.4), Nigeria (5.3), Burundi (5.2) and Benin (5.1) make up the top ten countries in terms of fertility rates, all of which have rates of over 6.0.

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