Nigeria: President Buhari Addresses Nation On 60th Independence Anniversary

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President Buhari addressed Nigerians on 60th independence Anniversary today at 7:00 am in the morning.

The President in his speech said that he wish to renew his appreciation to Nigerians for entrusting him with their hopes and aspirations for a better and greater Nigeria.

He said it is a unique privilege to re-commit himself to the service of this great country of great people with profound diversities and opportunities.

He also said Nigerians are bound by destiny to be the largest and greatest black nation on earth and at this stage it is important to work together to move the nation forward.

He added that he hope that Nigeria as a country will continue to live in peace without without bitterness and bloodshed.

He further said that Our founding fathers understood the imperative of structuring a National identity using the power of the state and worked towards the unification of Nigerians in a politically stable and viable entity.

He added that we need to begin a sincere process of national healing and this anniversary presents a genuine opportunity to eliminate old and outworn perceptions that are always put to test in the lie they always are.

The government, since coming into office has recognized the economic argument for adjusting the price of petroleum.

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