Nigeria: Christian Pilgrims Commission Slashes 2019 Pilgrimage Fare

christian pilgrimage
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The Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission has announced the downward review of the cost of 2019 general pilgrimage to Israel from N731, 000 to N715, 000.

The Acting Executive Secretary of the commission, Esther Kwaghe disclosed this in Abuja during the signing of contracts agreement with air carriers and ground handlers for the 2019 general pilgrimage exercise.

She urges the service providers not to renege on the agreements of the contracts also tasked them on safety of the pilgrims and value for money.

On his own part the Chairman of the Commission, Yomi Kasali said that the decision to reduce the price was informed as a result of entreaties and plea by the conference of states and other stakeholders.

He noted that the commission also considered harsh economic situations in the country and demands by many Nigerians to participate in the spiritual exercise.

Kasali said they are just responding as a board to the plea of their stakeholders. The 36 state chairmen met with them and pleaded again that they should review this price downward because they want it to be affordable and the time they are in.

He said Nigerians pilgrims should expect deep spiritual excellence as the commission is working round the clock to serve them better and ensuring that they get value for their money.

The chairman assured that all the technical lapses that were experienced during the Easter pilgrimage would be addressed. He added that it has nothing to do with the lack of planning on the part of the commission.

Kasali asked the air carriers and ground handlers to treat the Nigerians with respect and dignity during the pilgrimage exercise in the holy land.

He said he would not hesitate to show any service provider who is trying to compromise the standard the way out.

Responding on behalf of service providers, Executive Director Atlas Jet Nigeria Ltd, Ercument Filiz assured the commission to provide an outstanding service in this year exercise.

Some of the service providers present at the event includes; Tabar Tours, Tailor Made Tours, AtlasJet Nigeria, Ophir Tours, Hadur Travel among others.

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