Nigeria: Maulud Celebration At Madinatu Center In Maiduguri

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By Ali Mohammed Zanna

October 29 witnessed an incredibly large gathering of Muslims celebrating Maulud, the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) across Nigeria.

Our correspondent in Maiduguri one of the Nigerian state with the largest number of adherents of Sufi sect who are known to hold the day in a very high esteem reports that people from various walks of life and places trooped to the popular Maidinatu Square in the state capitalof Maiduguri to celebrate the day.

Nigerian Government also declared Thursday October 29 as public holiday for Muslim community to celebrate the day.

At the centre he explained that an assemblage of the adherents of the sect are seen in different groups engaging in reciting poetic praises in adoration and adulation of the prophet.

It started with a morning session where the leaders of the all communities were in attendance and offered sermons preaching for peace, unity and tolerance which was followed by gifts, sacrifices and several other rituals.

Our correspondent also reports that the sessions go emotional with some going as far as shedding tears.

One of the followers Mohammad Umara told our correspondent at the Madinatu Square that it is a great moment to praise the birthday and that strengthen our love for the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

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