Nigeria: Masari Confirms Release Of 344 Students Of GSSS Kankara

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The Governor of Katsina State Aminu Bello Masari said that 344 students of Government Science Secondary School Kankara have been released.

Governor Masari confirmed this while speaking to journalists at the Government House in Katsina, stressing that no ransom was paid to secure the release of the students.

Dandal Kura Radio International reports that the students were last Friday abducted from the school.

The governor was also saying that all the students are in good condition of health.

Adding that the students were fatigued from trekking and days spent in captivity, adding that they were on their way to Katsina for medical check-up and data capturing.

It was learnt that the 344 students regained freedom after a series of negotiations at different levels between governments at the national and state levels on one hand, and the abductors on the other.

During the evacuation, locals in villages around Zamfara and Katsina said hundreds of security operatives, some in uniform and others in plainclothes were seen patrolling the area.

During the day, helicopters and fighter jets were also seen hovering around the Rugu Forest, which traversed many local government areas in Zamfara, Katsina and part of Kaduna State.

The Principal of the school, Malam Usman Abubakar, told reporters that his team arrived Katsina to meet with the executive secretary and other principal officers of the Katsina Science and Technical Schools Board to receive the students.

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