Nigeria: Maiduguri Residents Cries Over Hot Weather

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BY: Aisha SD Jamal, Maiduguri

Ramadan is the month of the Muslim during which Fast is observed from morning to sunset, to attain closeness with almighty Allah.

In Borno, Northeast Nigeria the Ramadan has differed from the previous ones concerning the warmth temperature experienced in the state, which hinders Muslims worshipers exceedingly.

Dandal Kura Observed that Muslims in Adamawa, Yobe, Sokoto, Abuja, and several other states of the Nation have been going through similar experiences under which temperature shut up to 46 degree Celsius at times.

It has been gathered that Muslim in Ghana , Chad, Cameroon, Niger among others also acknowledged highly unfriendly weather condition both at night and day time.

Muhammad Alkali, a 25-year-old pharmacist explained that, he has never come across such a boiling season of Ramadan in his life, similarly, on her part Khadija Abubakar explained that, she is being struggles through hardship since this year’s Ramadan began.

On his part, a 59-year-old Isa Hassan said this year’s Ramadan is extra-ordinary however; it would not affect his worship.

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