Nigeria: Lack Of Awareness Expose IDP’s To Covid-19

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Internally Displaced Persons are particularly more vulnerable to the Covid-19 pandemic than many other groups, considering how they are cramped in camps with poor health facilities.

The World Health Organization advises that social distancing should be practised to minimise contacts that may lead to infecting others with the coronavirus.

However for a large number of IDPs who find themselves sharing one tent with at least five people and many others in the North East don’t believe the virus exists.

Aisha Saminu of Stadium IDP Camp in Borno State said that although she lives with eight others in one tent and none of them contracted the virus.

Aisha also said that believes Covid-19 doesn’t exist because she has seen no one around her has tested positive of the virus. This lack of awareness about how the virus affects people by many IDPs is worrisome.

There are many IDPs like Aisha who share similar views because they have never seen someone test either positive or negative for the virus.

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