Nigeria: Jukun Tribes In Taraba Appeals To Govt To Deploy More Security Personnel

By: Ahmed Uma Gosol, Taraba

The Jukun tribes in Taraba state Northeast Nigeria appealed to the Federal and state governments to “mobilize and deploy more security personnel to these villages that are vulnerable to attack for sustainable peace and protection of lives and properties in line with their primary responsibilities cautioned the Tiv militias on the need to cease fire.

Iliya Ibrahim Agabi a member of the Human ethnic group in Wukari made the appealed while speaking with Dandal Kura reporter in Jalingo Ahmed Umar Gosaol.

He said jukun vows to resist any attempt to reconstitute Wukari Traditional Council to accommodate Tiv nation.

Adding that the dreams of the Tiv domiciling in Taraba state to be accommodated as members of the Wukari Traditional Council, have no doubt turned out to be a mirage as the Jukun Nation urged them to disregard the idea of implementing the ten point agenda particularly reconstituting the Wukari Traditional Council to accommodate them.

Given the prevailing situation of security in the areas, the need of the federal and state governments to take same measures in solving the problems “in those affected areas” they believed can no one be overemphasized adding that “demarcation of the boundary based on 1922 and 1923 very necessary. ”

While calling on the security agencies to bring culprits of the recent crisis to book” the need for the Federal government to as a matter of urgency “provide relief material to the affected victims and ensure the reconstruction of Chonku and Kente towns that were ravaged by the Tiv militias ” they agreed have becoming necessary.

The leadership of the Tiv Cultural and Social Association led by its President General, Chief Goodman D. Dahida, had earlier identified the inclusion of the Tiv race in the Wukari Traditional Council.

Adding that it is only surest way of bringing to an end the incessant upheavals between the Tiv and the Jukun, the suggestion which the Jukun vowed to ensure does not see the lights of the day.

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