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Nigeria: IPC Condemns EndSARS Protesters Attacks On Media Outlets And Journalists

Ministry Of Interior Calls On EndSARS Protesters To Remain Peaceful
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The International Press Centre, has condemned End SARS protesters attacks on media outlets and journalists.

In a statement by the Executive Director, Mr. Lanre Arogundade and made available to Dandal Kura Radio on Thursday, the Centre expressed concern about the latest happenings in the country with respect to the End SARS and End SWAT protests, especially the targeting of media institutions and harassment of journalists.

Arogundade warned that molestation of journalists and other media professionals either by the security agents, mobs or protesters was not acceptable.

He enjoined the security operatives to take necessary actions to ensure a safe environment for journalists and other media professionals to carry out their duties unhindered while enforcing the curfew imposed in Lagos and some other states.

Mr. Arogundade also said it was imperative for journalists covering and reporting the End SARS protests and the fall out to stick to the principles of good and conflict sensitive journalism that require balance, shunning of bias, avoidance of hate speech, discipline of verification, fact checking, use of reliable sources, giving voice to victims and the affected, and thorough investigation of claims and counter-claims.

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