Nigeria: Investigation of Stolen Mace in The Senate May Last For 10 Years – Police Commissioner

An investigation into the invasion of the Nigerian Senate and theft of its mace by unknown persons may last for a period of ten years, a Commissioner of Police, Mr. Abu Sani has said.

Abu Sani who is the Commissioner in charge of the monitoring unit of the office of the Inspector General of Police made the submission while appearing before the National Assembly Ad- Hoc Committee on the invasion.

The CP’s submission to that effect was triggered by the remarks made by the Co-Chairman of the Committee, Hon Betty Apiafi that Police was foot-dragging on the investigation.

According to her, the investigation been carried out by the Police on an invasion where people involved were captured by Close Circuit Television and arrested by National Assembly division of the Police, is not impressive because those involved are supposed to have been charged to court by now.

But the CP interjected her by saying that is your personal opinion, as far as the Police is concerned, investigation into criminal matters has no time light, more so, when the invader who actually carried the mace is still at large.

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