Nigeria: Humanitarian Ministry Plan To Spends N400bn On NSIP

From Hadiza Garba, Maiduguri

The ministry of humanitarian affairs, has proposed to spend N400 billion on its social investment programmes NSIP.

This comprises a total recurrent expenditure of N350 billion and N50 billion for capital spendings, according to a document submitted to the National Assembly by its joint committees on poverty alleviation which Dandal Kura Radio exclusively obtained.

The document showed that while the proposed recurrent expenditure for next year will remain unchanged, the estimate for personnel cost was increased by 2.31 per cent, from N166.3 billion in 2020 to N170.1 billion in 2021.

In other planned spending for next year, the ministry will spend N1.83 billion on monitoring and evaluation devices, consultancies and interactive dashboard.

Other proposed spendings include N1.6 billion for communications, multimedia equipment and vehicles; and N1.7 billion for office setup, equipment and vehicles.

The remaining fraction of the programme’s proposed budget will go into the development of SIP Management Information System and ICT operational support equipment/vehicles for the implementation.

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